Cake Decorating DVDs or Course Online Anyone?

Cake Decorating DVDCake Decorating DVDs and Videos

Hi everyone! I got to thinking about cake decorating dvds and videos today as I was pondering holiday gift ideas for someone very special to me who loves learning cake decorating techniques but who is also on a budget and so needs cheap cake decorating supplies (she’s a young mom!).

Naturally, anyone can go find cake decorating videos YouTube style (and I PROMISE that I’ll post a good series of them on this website so that you don’t have to spend time on Youtube finding them as well). But, sometimes, “free” is not always the highest quality – or even complete. There are a lot of people who would love to learn cake decorating but don’t have tons of money to spend on a live class or a bunch of supplies.

So, what would be the next best thing for someone wanting to either start out learning how to decorate cakes as a total beginner or someone who already has the basics down, but wants to learn advanced cake decorating techniques?

Of course, you can check out the selection of discount or CHEAP cake decorating supplies that I’ve compiled for you here, and you can also do a search for cake decorating dvds. But I looked at a BUNCH of sites – that is, not ONLY Amazon – to see what else is out there that would be most helpful.

Cake Decorating DVDs or a cake decorating course online are GREAT gift! AND they are VERY inexpensive compared to what you might find if you have to drive to one being offered at a local community college (as just one example). So, here are a few DVDs and other resources I’ve found for you! I hope these are helpful!

Cake Decorating DVD with Kathy Brodock - Perfect for Beginners!Basic Cake Decorating DVD by Kathy Brodock

I found this DVD and liked what Kathy Brodock (the instructor) had to offer. She has well over 20 years of experience in cake decorating, and packs a LOT into this 1-hour video.

This is a VERY affordable cake decorating DVD and perfect for cake decorating beginners. You can buy the DVD for only $21.97. What a lovely gift idea too! Available on Amazon! Click Here to Check Out Kathy Brodock’s “Basic Cake Decorating DVD”

Take a Cake Decorating Course online with Universal Classes - Cake Decorating 101Cake Decorating 101 at Universal Classes

So, for example, I found THIS really cool course over at UniversalClasses on Cake Decorating 101: Check out “Cake Decorating 101” at Hey, for only $35 (or $60 if you want or need a CEU Certificate*) it’s awesome! When you visit the site, please listen to the introductory and very short video about what you’ll get with the course. It is SELF-PACED – which means you do NOT have any pressure whatsoever to keep up with anyone else learning the information.

Learn How To Decorate a Cake with a Yummy Arts Membership
Yummy Arts – The Internet’s Most Popular Cake Decorating Community and Membership

Don’t forget the treasure trove of cake decorating education to be found at, which is probably one of THE most popular online cake decorating forums today. Yummy Arts has LOTS of video! It’s a monthly membership, and would make a WONDERFUL gift for someone looking for an active online cake decorating community to learn with: Visit – One of the Internet’s Highest Rated Cake Decorating Memberships

Darci Decorates - How to Cake Decorate Volume 1 with Darci WarnerDarci Decorates – How to Cake Decorate, Volume 1 – with Darci Warner

This particular cake decorating DVD has received excellent reviews on Amazon, with one saying that Darci Warner has a fun and entertaining style. That suits me! And hopefully it will suit you, as well! There is even a little write up by Darci, who explains that breaks down each step so that it’s easy to understand and easy to duplicate. At less than $12, it’s hard to go wrong here! Click Here for “Darci Decorates – How to Cake Decorate, Volume 1” – (approx 90 minutes)

Wilton Cake Decorating Basics - cake decorating dvdWilton’s “Cake Decorating Basics” DVD

You can grab a copy – for yourself or as a gift – of Wilton’s “Cake Decorating Basics” DVD here at Amazon At less than $20, it’s the PERFECT (and easy!) gift for the budding cake decorator in your life!

*CEU stands for “Continuing Education Unit” which is necessary to earn in some careers in order to remain up to date in the field. For example, a teacher – in order to keep a teaching license – is required to complete a certain number of “CEUs” each year. The same goes for doctors, etc.”