EASY! How to Decorate a Cake with Natural Stuff!

Beautiful Cake Decorated with RosesHow To Decorate A Cake Easily (sort of!) 🙂

I’m always looking for fun photos and projects that show easy and natural ways to decorate. That’s because I don’t have the patience that:

1) my sister-in-law Anne does for decoraing the amazing cakes that she always wows us with,

2) my “honorary daughter” Maddie does (see her cute “tie dye” cake that she brought us a few weeks ago here), or

3) the people at Calandra’s Bakery in my hometown of Fairfield, NJ do (I mean, really… have you EVER seen the bakery window of a place like Calandra’s? Next time I’m visiting, I’ll ask them if I can take a photo!)
I also really love using “natural” stuff for decorating when I can. That’s the 70’s “earthy crunchy” in me! 🙂

So, today, I came across this photo, above of this wedding cake decorated with ROSES! Oh my gosh!

I think that is simply brilliant! How absolutely elegant!

My thoughts on this are endless. First of all, I think that anyone who is really interested in learning this stuff should – honestly – begin with something easy.

I say this because I feel it’s too easy to get discouraged when trying something as creative and artistic as learning cake decorating.

Second of all, sometimes the simple things are best. What if – as a beginner (or heck, even if you’re really experienced at this!) you made a 2 or 3 tiered cake – make them small, just to practice with, and then frosted it with a white buttercream (remember in one of my earlier posts on how to make buttercream frosting, that the experts tell you to use CLEAR vanilla extract so that the buttercream doesn’t take on a brown, or “muddy” tinge.)

Ok, so you get the cake made and frosted fairly simply. Go on over to Amazon or Walmart or someplace and get some inexpensive decorating supplies that will help you stack the 2 or 3 layers.

Now, go over to your local grocery store and buy some of the flowers that they sell for whatever it is – say about $5 – $10 for a bunch of roses – and then use those blossoms like you see in this photo. Now, if I’m not mistaken, I’m seeing some shaved chocolate on this as well! 🙂 During Lilac Season, Why Not Use Lilac Blossoms as Natural Cake Decorations? PLUS, The Blossoms Are Edible! (This is my lilac tree out front!)

Or, what if you had shaved chocolate and strawberries (with some of the greenery still on the stem) – Don’t you think you could do a simple arrangement with that as well?

Hmmm. Or a drizzled chocolate syrup and strawberries. OR… Take a look at that gorgeous photo of my lilac tree! How beautiful would lilac blossoms be on a cake!? PLUS, the blossoms are edible!

The point is that you can make something look absolutely gorgeous, elegant, and delicious without spending a fortune – and without needing to learn too many advanced techniques.

When I find some other images of great cakes with really simple designs, I’ll post them!

In the meantime, have fun!