Icing is CRITICAL as You Learn How to Decorate a Cake

Learn How To Decorate a Cake - The FrostingAs you learn how to decorate a cake, one of the VERY first things you are going to need to understand is the importance of icing (aka “the frosting!”). Yes… You CAN just go on over to the store and buy some icing in a can off the shelf if you want to just get started with the actual decorations – but personally, I think you should have an understanding of 1) why the icing is so important and 2) HOW to make your own.

When you learn how to decorate a cake, you will soon discover that the ICING is not only what you will use to COVER the cake with, but it will also be the base of your beautiful decorations – such as the flowers, leaves, and other lovely accents that adorn those amazing creations you see in your neighborhood’s bakery window.

So, one of the most basic and wonderfully yummy frostings is Buttercream Frosting (or Buttercream Icing) that we just mentioned.

So, I would like to share with you a few bits and pieces about this if you would like to see it.. I’ll have a video here as well. So, without further ado, let’s go over to our “Learn How To Decorate A Cake – Buttercream Frosting” page to learn more now!