Cake Decorating DVDs or Course Online Anyone?

Cake Decorating DVDCake Decorating DVDs and Videos

Hi everyone! I got to thinking about cake decorating dvds and videos today as I was pondering holiday gift ideas for someone very special to me who loves learning cake decorating techniques but who is also on a budget and so needs cheap cake decorating supplies (she’s a young mom!).

Naturally, anyone can go find cake decorating videos YouTube style (and I PROMISE that I’ll post a good series of them on this website so that you don’t have to spend time on Youtube finding them as well). But, sometimes, “free” is not always the highest quality – or even complete. There are a lot of people who would love to learn cake decorating but don’t have tons of money to spend on a live class or a bunch of supplies.

So, what would be the next best thing for someone wanting to either start out learning how to decorate cakes as a total beginner or someone who already has the basics down, but wants to learn advanced cake decorating techniques? (more…)

EASY! How to Decorate a Cake with Natural Stuff!

Beautiful Cake Decorated with RosesHow To Decorate A Cake Easily (sort of!) 🙂

I’m always looking for fun photos and projects that show easy and natural ways to decorate. That’s because I don’t have the patience that:

1) my sister-in-law Anne does for decoraing the amazing cakes that she always wows us with,

2) my “honorary daughter” Maddie does (see her cute “tie dye” cake that she brought us a few weeks ago here), or

3) the people at Calandra’s Bakery in my hometown of Fairfield, NJ do (I mean, really… have you EVER seen the bakery window of a place like Calandra’s? Next time I’m visiting, I’ll ask them if I can take a photo!)
I also really love using “natural” stuff for decorating when I can. That’s the 70’s “earthy crunchy” in me! 🙂

So, today, I came across this photo, above of this wedding cake decorated with ROSES! Oh my gosh! (more…)

Pretty “Tie Dye” or “Spirograph” Cake!

Maddie's Tie Die or Spirograph Spice Cake

I just wanted to share this “tie die” cake that one of our “honorary daughters” brought over the other night when we had her over for dinner.

She has been interested in cake decorating for some time, and at the last minute she whipped this up! It is a spice cake, and we were so impressed by what she did with a simple cake that I asked if I could post a picture of it here on the website.

I tried to get as clear a photo as possible with my little camera – Here’s another shot that will hopefully give you a closer look. Amazing what you can do with gel! 🙂Another view of Maddie's Cake

How To Start A Cupcake Business

My Niece's Wedding Cupcakes (photo copyright Kathy Tremblay 6/11/11)You’ve probably noticed: Cupcakes are huge business these days!

So, if you’d like to learn how to start a cupcake business from home, you’re not alone!

There is a lot more to it than might initially meet the eye. There are pros and cons – just like with any business. (more…)

Basic Cake Decorating Pastry Tips

Cake Decorating Made Easy - Basic Pastry Tips-This is what you need! Image Royalty Free Clip ArtHere are the Basic Tips You’ll Need to Get Started…

When people first start out in cake decorating, and are really looking for the BASIC tips, it may come as a VERY pleasant surprise that it does NOT cost that much to get started!

The folks at Wilton Industries recommend only 4 very basic cake decorating tips for beginners (the different tips you see at the end of the frosting bag that makes all those wonderful cake decorating designs!).

ALSO… if you scroll down, you’ll see a nice video I found that illustrates a few of the basic tools you’ll need to learn how to decorate a cake (If you want great prices on these tools, check out the VERY inexpensive selection at Amazon, right near the video! – OR…HEAD OVER TO OUR DISCOUNT & CHEAP CAKE DECORATING SUPPLIES STORE NOW!) (more…)

Decorating with Fondant

Decorating with Fondant is SO MUCH FUN!

Fondant Decorating - Anniversary Cake - Cake & Image courtesy of www.SweetWishesCakes.comIt’s time to talk about Fondant ! I think people love this stuff because of how absolutely beautiful you can make almost any cake (or cupcake!).

I have devoted an entire section here to introduce the concept of fondant decorating, which I’ll bring you to in just a moment.

First, I need to mention a friend of mine, CJ, who makes some of the most gorgeous cakes I’ve seen in my neck of the woods.

If you happen to be in New Hampshire and want a specialty cake and don’t feel like learning how to decorate a cake yourself, then please contact CJ at Sweet Wishes Cakes. She’ll set you right up! 🙂

Anyway, one of the interesting things CJ says that I did not know about decorating with fondant is that fondant helps the cake remain moist.

And that makes a lot of sense considering that it provides an almost solid-looking “cover” in sense. It’s almost like “wrapping paper” for your cakes! Take a look at the photo here and you’ll see what I mean. (more…)

Supplies You Need

Tools for Cake Decorating – Basic – But VERY Important When Starting Out

Our Niece's Wedding Cake - My Mother-in-Law made the cake and sister-in-law decorated it. Photo copyright by Kathy TremblayYes, there ARE a few cake decoration supplies, tools and equipment you need if you’re going to learn how to decorate a cake – or even a cupcake or a cookie!

But you truly do NOT have to spend a ton of money on this stuff folks. My mother and father-in-law make the most gorgeous cakes and desserts, and they use a bunch of the basics – pastry bags, tips, spatulas… and of course, yummy icing and the colors necessary to make those gorgeous pastels.

Really, just the basic supplies. I always enjoy visiting them when they’ve got a big project going on.

For example, my father-in-law works part-time at a golf course, and every year the golf course has this huge end of season get-together for one of the tournaments. He and my mother-in-law always create a LOT of amazing treats and desserts for this event.

We conveniently visit while this is going on, and we get to sample the “mistakes.” 🙂

Anyway, so of course there are a few essential tools, baking and cake decorating equipment that you should put on your shopping list. One of them is the Cake Stackers support system, an ingenious way to transport and set up cakes in a variety of creative ways that will have guests wondering, “HOW did they DO that?” It’s wonderful! Check them out by clicking: (more…)

Icing is CRITICAL as You Learn How to Decorate a Cake

Learn How To Decorate a Cake - The FrostingAs you learn how to decorate a cake, one of the VERY first things you are going to need to understand is the importance of icing (aka “the frosting!”). Yes… You CAN just go on over to the store and buy some icing in a can off the shelf if you want to just get started with the actual decorations – but personally, I think you should have an understanding of 1) why the icing is so important and 2) HOW to make your own.

When you learn how to decorate a cake, you will soon discover that the ICING is not only what you will use to COVER the cake with, but it will also be the base of your beautiful decorations – such as the flowers, leaves, and other lovely accents that adorn those amazing creations you see in your neighborhood’s bakery window.

So, one of the most basic and wonderfully yummy frostings is Buttercream Frosting (or Buttercream Icing) that we just mentioned.

So, I would like to share with you a few bits and pieces about this if you would like to see it.. I’ll have a video here as well. So, without further ado, let’s go over to our “Learn How To Decorate A Cake – Buttercream Frosting” page to learn more now!

Welcome to Learn How To Decorate a Cake!

Learn How To Decorate a CakeHi everyone, and welcome to my Learn How to Decorate a Cake website! I’m just getting started today, and have a ton of stuff I’d like to share with you that I’ve been learning about, and hope you’ll come back soon!

This site was started because of some of the people in my life are really into cake decorating, and I started trying to help figure out some resources that they might enjoy or could use. One thing led to another, and well, here we are!

One of the things that people have been going crazy for is the amazing Cake Stackers, undoubtedly one of the BEST cake support solutions available today. Learn more here at and you’ll see what we mean!

In the meantime, please keep checking back!

Thanks! 🙂 Kath

(PS: As we go on, we’ll be talking about the amazing folks at “Yummy Arts” and other teaching resources and how they can help you learn amazing cake decorating techniques! To see what they’ve got going on at their membership, Click Here!

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