More Character Cake Pans – No Coincidence!

Big Bird and Ernie Sesame Street Cake Pans - You may not always be able to find retired cake pan designs on Amazon here, you can still find some wonderful other ones!

Here’s a really fun (and unlikely) post about those Sesame Street cake pans I mentioned in a recent post!

In fact, I was so excited about this I had to get back here and tell you what just happened… I think you’ll get a kick out of it!

If you recall from the post “A Character Cake Is Perfect For Kids,” I talked about how you can sometimes find “retired” designs, or simply used contour cake pans at yard sales or thrift stores. (more…)

A Character Cake Is Perfect For Kids

Cookie Monster CakeWhat little kid wouldn’t want a cake shaped like “Elmo” or “Cookie Monster” (as seen here) or – as also seen here – a “Mutant Ninja Turtle” for his or her birthday?

The nice thing about making a character cake is you don’t need a year’s worth of decorating experience in order to pull this off!

Once you have some of the basics in your decorating supply closet, you could  not only be making cute cakes easily for the little ones in your own life, but you could most likely hire yourself out to deliver them to your childrens’ friends parties too!

(Of course, there is a lot involved in starting and running a cake decorating business from home, but even if you just made them occasionally as a gift, that would also be amazing!)

So, last week, “Honorary Daughter Maddie” made the “Cookie Monster” cake that you see at the top, and “Honorary Daughter Kim” made the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” cake you also see here… (more…)