Hints and Tips For Writing On Cakes – With VIDEO!

CLICK TO ENLARGE - Center your letters from the left and right of a pre-determined "Center Point"Here are a few tips for writing on cakes.

At some point in your cake decorating hobby (or business, if you should decide to start a cake decorating business, that is), you’re going to be asked to put a name or message on a cake.

I addressed this briefly in the post “Piping a Message Onto a Cake” which you can read here, but it looks like a few more hints are in order!

In that post I just mentioned, I had explained that you DO NOT have to have the handwriting of an expert calligrapher. BUT, you do need to practice.

But for starters…  (more…)

How To Fill A Pastry Or Icing Bag – VIDEOS!

Chef Emily from The Gourmand and the Peasant Demonstrates How to Fill a Piping Bag (Screenshot from YouTube)Learning how to fill a pastry bag or icing bag is one of the very basics of learning how to decorate a cake, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m also aware that HEARING someone TELL you how to do it is just not the same as SEEING someone SHOW you how to do it! 🙂

I can almost hear it… “Ok, Kathy, it’s SO EASY! All you gotta do is put your tip into the bottom of the bag, scoot the bag over your hand and put the icing in. Simple!”

Uh huh. (more…)

Piping a Message Onto the Cake

Piping a Message on a Cake-Fondant Decorating - Baby Shower Cake

Piping Messages on Cakes

Ooh boy… This arguably MUST be one of the more “scary” things to do! I say this ONLY because my handwriting is not so hot to begin with, and doing this type of piping would give me a serious case of “performance anxiety!” 🙂

BUT… (of course) the people I know in the business simply say, “It’s just practice!” And I KNOW that… But I also know that some of you who might be doing this for the first time might feel a little nervous about it. (more…)