Cake Supports Help Make Transporting Stacked Cakes Easy
3-Tier Cake using Cake Stackers Support Systems (Photo courtesy of Cake Stackers)

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The more I look at Cake Stackers and their cake supports system for making and stabilizing tiered cakes, the more I like them.

This system is pure genius! I wish I had invented it myself. Ahhh… I actually say that a lot. I often see things that I feel are absolutely amazing, and wonder, “Why couldn’t I have thought of that?”

For example, take “Bake Pops” – the little gizmo you see here. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! I’m going to be writing more about these little gems, but it’s so simple, I cannot believe these aren’t EVERYWHERE now! Bake Pops- What a BRILLIANT Idea for EASY Cakes! (image from the website - click here)

All you do is fill the special little “Bake Pop” pan with any cake batter, and put the stick in, decorate or dip it, and voila! Bake Pops! I mean, how incredible is that?

Talk about a GREAT party activity too… Decorate your own Bake Pop. So you get the kids to actually decorate them. Perfect! Easy! (You can buy a set of “Bake Pops” here…)

But as usual, I digress. Sorry ’bout that! 🙂

What the folks over at Cake Stackers have done is nothing short of amazing. If you are even remotely considering running a cake business, I truly believe that the tools the group over at Cake Stackers offers is a must.

I don’t know if you read my introduction to Cake Stackers earlier, where my sister-in-law Ann had made a replica of my Mother and Father-in-law’s original wedding cake for their 50th anniversary. But, to make a long story short, what happened is that in transporting the cake, she lost a layer. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is very quick on her feet, and even though the cake wasn’t exactly the same with the lost layer, no one outside of a few people ever noticed.

This just would NOT have happened if Ann had a cake stacking system like these.

3 Tiered Cake using Cake Stackers Genesis Cake Support System and Topsy Turvy Kit (photo courtesy of Cake Stackers)

I realize that this is not a cheapo piece of equipment people. But, if you are serious about making multi-tiered cakes, this can improve your productivity, increase your confidence, and once you start getting creative with the different stands and supports, along with some of the more “crazy” designs like the “Topsy Turvy Stand,” I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be getting oodles of orders!

The kind people at Cake Stackers has actually made it pretty easy to get started with a basic “Genesis Cake Support Set” which is for making a 3-tiered cake. And it’s only about $70.

This picture (I have permission from Stephanie at Cake Stackers to use these photos) of the small “Topsy Turvy” cake shows the use of the Genesis Cake Support Set AND the “Topsy Turvy Stand Kit” (which you can get for 3 Tiers for only about $40). So, for less than $125 or so, you can have some exceptionally professional and creative tools to start with.

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Take a look at the videos I show, below, of the Cake Stackers in action. I think you’ll agree that this is one tool you’re going to enjoy a great deal!


Hints and Tips For Writing On Cakes – With VIDEO!

CLICK TO ENLARGE - Center your letters from the left and right of a pre-determined "Center Point"Here are a few tips for writing on cakes.

At some point in your cake decorating hobby (or business, if you should decide to start a cake decorating business, that is), you’re going to be asked to put a name or message on a cake.

I addressed this briefly in the post “Piping a Message Onto a Cake” which you can read here, but it looks like a few more hints are in order!

In that post I just mentioned, I had explained that you DO NOT have to have the handwriting of an expert calligrapher. BUT, you do need to practice.

But for starters…  (more…)

How To Fill A Pastry Or Icing Bag – VIDEOS!

Chef Emily from The Gourmand and the Peasant Demonstrates How to Fill a Piping Bag (Screenshot from YouTube)Learning how to fill a pastry bag or icing bag is one of the very basics of learning how to decorate a cake, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m also aware that HEARING someone TELL you how to do it is just not the same as SEEING someone SHOW you how to do it! 🙂

I can almost hear it… “Ok, Kathy, it’s SO EASY! All you gotta do is put your tip into the bottom of the bag, scoot the bag over your hand and put the icing in. Simple!”

Uh huh. (more…)

Piping a Message Onto the Cake

Piping a Message on a Cake-Fondant Decorating - Baby Shower Cake

Piping Messages on Cakes

Ooh boy… This arguably MUST be one of the more “scary” things to do! I say this ONLY because my handwriting is not so hot to begin with, and doing this type of piping would give me a serious case of “performance anxiety!” 🙂

BUT… (of course) the people I know in the business simply say, “It’s just practice!” And I KNOW that… But I also know that some of you who might be doing this for the first time might feel a little nervous about it. (more…)

Basketweave Technique, Tips and Video

Cake Decorating Basketweave Tip Size 2BThe Basketweave Piping Technique

One of the coolest “illusions” I’ve seen on cakes is the “Basketweave” piping technique. I love it because, done right, it honestly does look like the icing or frosting has been woven!

As you can see from the Amazon image of a typical basketweave tip (a generic brand, Size 2B tip) at the left, the edge on at least one side of the tip has a striated or serrated type of edge to give it a “ribbed” look. If you apply the icing with the SMOOTH side up, you will have a smooth, rather than ribbed look. (more…)

Cake Decorating DVDs or Course Online Anyone?

Cake Decorating DVDCake Decorating DVDs and Videos

Hi everyone! I got to thinking about cake decorating dvds and videos today as I was pondering holiday gift ideas for someone very special to me who loves learning cake decorating techniques but who is also on a budget and so needs cheap cake decorating supplies (she’s a young mom!).

Naturally, anyone can go find cake decorating videos YouTube style (and I PROMISE that I’ll post a good series of them on this website so that you don’t have to spend time on Youtube finding them as well). But, sometimes, “free” is not always the highest quality – or even complete. There are a lot of people who would love to learn cake decorating but don’t have tons of money to spend on a live class or a bunch of supplies.

So, what would be the next best thing for someone wanting to either start out learning how to decorate cakes as a total beginner or someone who already has the basics down, but wants to learn advanced cake decorating techniques? (more…)