Decorating with Fondant

Decorating with Fondant is SO MUCH FUN!

Fondant Decorating - Anniversary Cake - Cake & Image courtesy of www.SweetWishesCakes.comIt’s time to talk about Fondant ! I think people love this stuff because of how absolutely beautiful you can make almost any cake (or cupcake!).

I have devoted an entire section here to introduce the concept of fondant decorating, which I’ll bring you to in just a moment.

First, I need to mention a friend of mine, CJ, who makes some of the most gorgeous cakes I’ve seen in my neck of the woods.

If you happen to be in New Hampshire and want a specialty cake and don’t feel like learning how to decorate a cake yourself, then please contact CJ at Sweet Wishes Cakes. She’ll set you right up! 🙂

Anyway, one of the interesting things CJ says that I did not know about decorating with fondant is that fondant helps the cake remain moist.

And that makes a lot of sense considering that it provides an almost solid-looking “cover” in sense. It’s almost like “wrapping paper” for your cakes! Take a look at the photo here and you’ll see what I mean. (more…)