Hints and Tips For Writing On Cakes – With VIDEO!

CLICK TO ENLARGE - Center your letters from the left and right of a pre-determined "Center Point"Here are a few tips for writing on cakes.

At some point in your cake decorating hobby (or business, if you should decide to start a cake decorating business, that is), you’re going to be asked to put a name or message on a cake.

I addressed this briefly in the post “Piping a Message Onto a Cake” which you can read here, but it looks like a few more hints are in order!

In that post I just mentioned, I had explained that you DO NOT have to have the handwriting of an expert calligrapher. BUT, you do need to practice.

But for starters…  (more…)

Piping a Message Onto the Cake

Piping a Message on a Cake-Fondant Decorating - Baby Shower Cake

Piping Messages on Cakes

Ooh boy… This arguably MUST be one of the more “scary” things to do! I say this ONLY because my handwriting is not so hot to begin with, and doing this type of piping would give me a serious case of “performance anxiety!” 🙂

BUT… (of course) the people I know in the business simply say, “It’s just practice!” And I KNOW that… But I also know that some of you who might be doing this for the first time might feel a little nervous about it. (more…)