How To Start A Cupcake Business

My Niece's Wedding Cupcakes (photo copyright Kathy Tremblay 6/11/11)You’ve probably noticed: Cupcakes are huge business these days!

So, if you’d like to learn how to start a cupcake business from home, you’re not alone!

There is a lot more to it than might initially meet the eye. There are pros and cons – just like with any business.

From what my acquaintences in the cupcake and cake decorating business tell me, it’s not all just “sugar and spice and everything nice!” 🙂 But you knew that! A lot of times, especially when just starting out, it can be exhausting trying to get everything ready – all your legal “t’s” crossed, and your “i’s” dotted…

Then, there is the issue of pricing – not pricing too low, not pricing too high – or, let’s face it, learning how to price correctly to begin with! 🙂

Of course, just because your neighbors and co-workers absolutely LOVE the cupcakes you supply for the occasional pot-luck or office party doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be flooded with orders the second you open your kitchen for business!

Please don’t think I’m saying all this to discourage or scare you off. I am not. I just want to be sure that you don’t go running to Costco or Sam’s Club to buy $300 worth of ingredients before you’ve had a chance to study and learn what you need to do before you jump in.

I researched quite a bit about this, and found a number of books – both in eBook and Kindle (Amazon) form, as well as hard-copy print format. Start a Cupcake Business Today by Paula Spencer

BY FAR… And this is really for those of you in the United States – the best source of information I have found about how to start a cupcake business is the book by the great Paula Spencer, “Start a Cupcake Business Today.” It’s available in both “Kindle” (Amazon) version, and hard-copy. I’m just starting this section, but will build on it shortly, and show you some real reviews and what you’ll learn here. I spent hours researching and will need a little bit of time to compile and sort my notes on this…

But, suffice it to say, that for a mere $9 (for the Kindle version) or $20 (for the paper copy), this is your BEST FIRST STEP.  START HERE => Start a Cupcake Business Today

So, take a DEEP BREATH, and grab a copy of one (or more) of these books for starters. This will save you MUCH time, aggravation, and worry as you decide if starting a cupcake business from home is going to be right for you.

Again, until I have a chance to get back in here and give you more nuts & bolts, here’s your first steps:

For Paula Spencer’s Book, “Start a Cupcake Business Today” => CLICK HERE to Buy Start a Cupcake Business Today

For Linda Gibson’s eBook, “Turning Cupcakes Into Cash” => CLICK HERE for INSTANT Access to Turning Cupcakes Into Cash – with ALL bonuses!

I’ll be back soon with updates and more info!