Online Cake Decorating Classes

Cake Decorating TechniquesThe absolute BEST PLACE to take online cake decorating classes and/or learn cake decorating techniques and general cake decorating information is from people who are PASSIONATE about cake decorating. And guess what? We have found people who are both passionate AND professional! We have found THE BEST cake decorating community for you.

It’s right HERE, at They Yummy Arts community is unlike any other cake decorating forum or “learn how to decorate cakes” club we’ve ever seen.

Wait till you meet everyone! And, members come from all over the world. For example, if you are looking for a cake decorating forum and live in the UK or Australia or wherever – you’ll find people from EVERYWHERE! This is particularly helpful for those of you who may have a recipe from one country, but need a conversion that will work in another country. It’s wonderful!

Here is a little bit about the professionals and passionate folks behind THE place everyone wants to join for learning and sharing cake decorating techniques.

FIRST… We have the co-founders of Yummy Arts – Michael Prudhomme and Samantha Mitchell. Samantha is Michael’s Mom’s best friend (got that? 🙂 )

SECOND… You have some amazing people who will actually TEACH and SHARE their cake decorating techniques with you. Some of these cake decorating professionals include: Susan Carberry, Trish Boyer, Carrie DeRosa, Tami Utley, Linda Bills, Chef Laure’l Silverberg, and Amanda Hamilton.

When you join Yummy Arts, you get more cake decorating techniques, information and cake decorating videos and tips than you could even begin to imagine. Every single month, for example, you – as an exclusive member of Yummy Arts, get Step-by-Step Cupcake, Candies, and Cake Decorating Videos (as well as an enormous library of videos already there for you!)!

Enjoy your full-length “cake decorating tip of the week video” while you learn from well-known, respected, and beloved decorators.

BY THE WAY… You even get to interact with OTHER members – just like you – who are also not only learning cake decorating techniques – but who are also willing to share them with you. And YOU will get a chance to share YOUR creations too! Don’t you just wish these folks were all in your own neighborhood? Well, I guess that with Yummy Arts, this is the next best thing. 🙂

Ok… You can tell I’m very excited about Yummy Arts. There’s a LOT you get with your Yummy Arts memberhsip, such as:

  • Tons (ok, hundreds!) of cake, candy and cookie articles, and responses to your questions
  • Wonderful recipes from Yummy Arts cake decorating experts and also from other members like you!
  • Cake Decorating Techniques on video – and videos on how to use cake decorating tools – these videos show the exact, correct ways to use specific tools and techniques.  For example, if “Preparing Marshmallow Fondant” is of interest to you, there’s a video on just that. If you want to learn how to use “Rolled Buttercream,” or how to “Prepare Cake for Fondant,” or how to use a “Push Mold,” or make “Perfect Letters,” etc, you’ll learn that. Anyway, you get the idea!
  • There is a recipe conversion calculator for EVERY recipe they offer! This, by the way, is perfect for members who live in different countries or who need certain measurement conversions. How helpful is that! 🙂
  • Yummy Arts also offers discounts from their cake decoration supplies store on certain products
  • This is fun! There’s a wonderful photo gallery at your fingertips where you members can share your results while getting excellent cake decorating design ideas
  • By the way, speaking of sharing your results, Yummy Arts also has giveaways and contests just for you!
  • Of course, there is also a cake decorating forum of terrific Yummy Arts members ready to share tips, experience and knowledge
  • I think we already mentioned the weekly video newlsetters. These will keep you up to date with new ideas, cake decorating techniques, and news about cake, candy and cookie decorating
  • And, if you have ideas for new videos, you are very welcome to submit them!