Piping a Message Onto the Cake

Piping a Message on a Cake-Fondant Decorating - Baby Shower Cake

Piping Messages on Cakes

Ooh boy… This arguably MUST be one of the more “scary” things to do! I say this ONLY because my handwriting is not so hot to begin with, and doing this type of piping would give me a serious case of “performance anxiety!” 🙂

BUT… (of course) the people I know in the business simply say, “It’s just practice!” And I KNOW that… But I also know that some of you who might be doing this for the first time might feel a little nervous about it.

Piping a Message on the Cake – Video 1:

The FIRST video I’m going to feature on this page is really cool – and I REALLY hope it helps to alleviate a few moments of nervousness (Right off the bat, I apologize that there’s a “commercial” on it… I couldn’t get it to delete.).

Anyway, here are a few points I got from the video (by the way, the gal who did this demonstration is Amanda Oakleaf, who has a shop in Winthrop, MA – which is where one of my sisters-in-law lives – and so yeah, I’m a little biased! LOL!)… But I digress. Here are a few points I got loud and clear from this demonstration:

1) PRACTICE on some parchment paper first.

2) Although Amanda doesn’t SAY it, watch CAREFULLY how she holds the bag – She “twists” it tight, and uses her “non-writing” hand to guide the words.

3) NOTICE: The wording doesn’t come out like caligraphy!strong> So guess what!? YOURS DOESN’T HAVE TO EITHER!

4) Amanda is using a #2 PIPING TIP (which she says is a little small, but she has a limited area in which to work) Others recommend a smaller, #1 tip.

5) NOTICE: The paper MOVES while she is practicing: When YOU practice, it might be a good idea for you to weigh down the corners so the paper stays still.

6) Note the POSITION of the piping bag. See how she keeps the bag ever-so-slightly ABOVE the paper!

Ok… with that said, let’s have a quick look at Amanda’s style…

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