Basic Cake Decorating Pastry Tips

Cake Decorating Made Easy - Basic Pastry Tips-This is what you need! Image Royalty Free Clip ArtHere are the Basic Tips You’ll Need to Get Started…

When people first start out in cake decorating, and are really looking for the BASIC tips, it may come as a VERY pleasant surprise that it does NOT cost that much to get started!

The folks at Wilton Industries recommend only 4 very basic cake decorating tips for beginners (the different tips you see at the end of the frosting bag that makes all those wonderful cake decorating designs!).

ALSO… if you scroll down, you’ll see a nice video I found that illustrates a few of the basic tools you’ll need to learn how to decorate a cake (If you want great prices on these tools, check out the VERY inexpensive selection at Amazon, right near the video! – OR…HEAD OVER TO OUR DISCOUNT & CHEAP CAKE DECORATING SUPPLIES STORE NOW!) (more…)

Supplies You Need

Tools for Cake Decorating – Basic – But VERY Important When Starting Out

Our Niece's Wedding Cake - My Mother-in-Law made the cake and sister-in-law decorated it. Photo copyright by Kathy TremblayYes, there ARE a few cake decoration supplies, tools and equipment you need if you’re going to learn how to decorate a cake – or even a cupcake or a cookie!

But you truly do NOT have to spend a ton of money on this stuff folks. My mother and father-in-law make the most gorgeous cakes and desserts, and they use a bunch of the basics – pastry bags, tips, spatulas… and of course, yummy icing and the colors necessary to make those gorgeous pastels.

Really, just the basic supplies. I always enjoy visiting them when they’ve got a big project going on.

For example, my father-in-law works part-time at a golf course, and every year the golf course has this huge end of season get-together for one of the tournaments. He and my mother-in-law always create a LOT of amazing treats and desserts for this event.

We conveniently visit while this is going on, and we get to sample the “mistakes.” 🙂

Anyway, so of course there are a few essential tools, baking and cake decorating equipment that you should put on your shopping list. One of them is the Cake Stackers support system, an ingenious way to transport and set up cakes in a variety of creative ways that will have guests wondering, “HOW did they DO that?” It’s wonderful! Check them out by clicking: (more…)