Sticky: Welcome to Our Cake Decorating Resources Site!

SAVE 5% with Coupon Code ACC509! Cake Decorated Using the "Topsy Turvy" Cake Stand from Cake Stackers - CLICK HERE! (photo used by permission)Hello! I started this small site because I have some very special people in my life (you’ll meet some of them here) who are really into cake decorating.

They also want to pursue cake decorating as a serious business – and run a serious business from home  -but resources are sometimes a little difficult to locate.

So, I began doing a little research of my own, and found (and did my best to categorize) information and resources, supplies, and instructions… Well, one thing led to another and I got a little carried away! 🙂

One of the very best I’ve ever seen – anywhere – is what is widely known to be the best cake stacking system, and it’s also very artistic. It’s called Cake Stackers – and the photo of the “Topsy Turvey” cake you see to the left is created using their system! Click Here to check them out!

If you are into cake decorating and want some easy-to-locate and easy-to-use resources and supplies – I have done my best to find the best cake decorating techniques, tools, videos, supplies, courses, and books that I could.

Here is what you will find here – in no particular order of importance (click on any of these categories to be brought to a page where you’ll find the related posts):

This is just the “tip of the icing!” 🙂 (little pun…) – Seriously, as I locate additional resources and categories, I will add them here! In the meantime, enjoy the posts, and again, Welcome! 🙂